Monday, August 13, 2012

Are you experienced?...

                                                     Title: The Jinri Experience
                                                     Publisher: RAWR Books
                                                     Genre: Gravure
                                                     Date of Release: August 2012

For those who are familiar with the word 'Gravure', the one thing that immediately comes to mind are these pretty, young and innocent-looking Japanese girls doing sexy poses in swimsuits and bikinis while getting all playful in front of the camera. With the likes of Aki Hoshino, Yuko Ogura, Miu Nakamura (who now does nude photo shoots after making a name for herself in the Gravure business since her teens) and even Naomi Morinaga who was famous for playing the role of Annie (the high-kickin' female sidekick of Sentai Superhero Shaider who gave the young boys a reason back then to pay attention to her fighting skills which was loaded with tons of 'upskirt' moments in every episode) was once a Gravure idol who eventually went nude just like Miu Nakamura later in her career. Most, if not some of the famous female Japanese celebrities today in mainstream showbiz or even those in the AV (Adult Video) world for that matter had started out in the Gravure business one way or the other as young teens or tweens in swimsuits and bikinis making every guy in this world smile with mischievous delight for decades.

Somehow the world of Gravure was only then synonymous to Japanese culture until someone decided recently to make that one giant step by introducing Gravure to the Filipinos for the first time, which eventually marks the beginning of something wonderful for us guys to look forward to...

Then along came a beautiful babe named Jinri Park...

Jinri Park in one of her photo shoots for FHM Philippines
Radio Jock for Monster Radio RX 93.1, cosplayer and FHM Philippines model and columnist, this stunning Korean beauty is slowly making waves nowadays with the release of what is considered to be the very first local Gravure publication to hit the shelves this August... are you experienced enough to handle The Jinri Experience?

Published by RAWR Books, this Gravure photo book contains 86 pages of nothing but heavenly Jinri Park goodness from start to finish featuring tons of sexy and intimate photos of the lovely Jinri taken at a beach resort in Nasugbu, Batangas. And for only Php 195.00, you get your money's worth for one experience of a lifetime unlike any other.

I got my copy just recently at a Booksale outlet in Greenhills and as soon as I got home I immediately opened it and gave it a quick but thorough scan on the entire book and personally I find it good since it somehow lived to that expectation of what a Gravure publication should be. Overall, The Jinri Experience is worthy of praise not only for being the first-ever Gravure publication to make its mark in the Philippines but for the excellent work and effort Jinri and the rest of the guys have contributed to make this milestone of a project something to be proud of. After all, I'm pretty much sure that this will eventually become a catalyst for other ladies out there who would want to share the spotlight with Jinri, who is now officially crowned as the very first 'Gravure Idol of the Philippines.'

The Jinri Experience promo poster (*Photo courtesy of The Jinri Experience Facebook page)

Much as I want to post some sample photos taken from the book itself, I might get into trouble from the publisher and its owners for legalities and stuff. So if you guys would like to take a sneak peek into The Jinri Experience, please do visit their Facebook page by clicking here or head on to Jinri Park's official Facebook account by clicking on this link.

The Jinri Experience Part 2?... Possible... after all, this is just the beginning of something revolutionary.

The Jinri Experience is available at National Bookstore, Booksale and Fully Booked.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Alone & helpless in the bedroom...

Hey there folks! Been a long while since my last post here and I would like to sincerely apologize for the long delay because I have been preoccupied with a lot of stuff lately and I never got to do updates for more or less a month now. And to make up for lost time, I now have here a new set of photos of my hentai gashapon that I have purchased lately. As always I never got any info on the identity of the hentai figure since I got it as a loose item and the saleslady at the toy shop is totally clueless with these type of gashapons, all they know is that if the figures are naked (or even sexy for that matter), they are automatically tagged as hentai. But one thing's for sure... it is not a nurse and in no way this came from the infamous hentai 'Night Shift Nurses.'

Anyways, it was around late this afternoon that I did a little photo shoot with this baby but this time I decided to throw in some doll house furniture as props and somehow it made a difference unlike in my previous photo sets where they are just photographed as is. The scale of the furniture pieces was just right for the toy figure and I just fired away with my camera and ended with a handful of photos for all of you guys as my opening (and closing) salvo for the month of May.

It would have been nice if I went all the way and made a bedroom diorama for this shoot but I still have to work on it and see what stuff can be used to make it relatively realistic, but for now here's my little "make-up gift" to everyone and 'til next time, stay safe always!

(*Click on the images for larger view and more photos inside)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Experimenting with doll house furniture & fixtures... and a Hentai figure!

The heat from yesterday was just too unbearable that I wasn't able to do anything productive but stay put in one shaded area of the house and wait until the sun sets. Anyways, I was able to borrow from my sister a couple of weeks ago a handful of her old yet simple doll house wooden furniture which was perfect for my next small project that I'm concocting along with my ecchi/hentai gashapon figures in my collection. Though I really haven't finalized anything about it, I decided to do some studies first by taking random snapshots of the toy furniture and using one of my hentai figures as subject.

I've placed the items on our small study table just across from my room and positioned the doll house furniture within the small three corners of corrugated box pieces that I have just assembled and with the hentai figure in position, I snapped away with my camera and here are a couple of those monochrome photos that I took from yesterday:

Hentai figure with doll house furniture

View from the top

A good planning of lighting and camera angles will do the trick for my small project and that is what I'll be doing later today and hopefully the weather would be cooperative enough to let me do my work or else it's back to my shaded nook and waste yet again precious time until the sun sets. Stay tuned for more, guys and  I'll keep you posted with any updates that might pop up in the next couple of days. 'Til next time, stay safe always!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Teasing bath time babe

It's summertime once more, folks and I'm bringing you another great find that yours truly have managed to purchase some time ago and this sexy anime figure is definitely hot to handle and more sizzling than the summer heat! I saw this on display at a local toy shop where they sold new and loose anime figures and I just couldn't help but appreciate the item whether it be just a bootleg or not. Fortunately I got to purchase it at a relatively affordable price and this ecchi babe is one good steal!

Sadly, like some of the other loose anime figures I have purchased in recent times, I am definitely clueless about her name or from what anime/hentai series did she came from. But nonetheless she's one awesome and sexy gashapon toy and it is a must-have piece to my collection. So here she is guys and I hope you like the small photo set I have prepared just for you! 'Til next time, have fun and stay safe always...

(*Click on the images for larger view and more photos inside)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Have a great weekend, guys!

It's Friday once more peeps and it's time to kick off your shoes and enjoy a well-deserved weekend! Hope you guys would stick around and wait for more upcoming ecchi/hentai features in the next couple of days here on my humble blog... but for now I would like to give to all of you this little "token of appreciation" to end your hectic week right. Stay safe always, cheers!

A little something from Nana Ogura to get you all inspired...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Just a little something for you guys out there...

Even though that this blog of mine is specifically created to feature photos of ecchi, hentai or nude toy figures, you wanted to try out something different and I guess it wouldn't hurt if you get to squeeze in some stuff that ain't related to gashapons or figures... but with this one, I'm pretty sure that you folks out there would really like to see... and I told myself I had to share this on Made in XXX...

This cute, naughty and feisty photo of a young Japanese teen getting all helpless and at the same time "too comfy" with that chair is all we need to get that daily dose of "inspiration" from all the hustle and bustle we go through in our everyday lives... Hope you like it guys and see ya'll next time! Enjoy...

Just downright naughty and very... titillating!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cute and sexy bikini babe winking at you, kid!

Hey there folks! Sorry for the delay and yours truly had been in forced hiatus for some time due to the fact that he needed to get off the computer before he experiences a "meltdown" in his health! Anyways, now I'm back with another gashapon toy feature and this time it's this cute and sexy bikini babe.

As always I don't have any idea on the identity of this anime babe since I purchased it only as a loose item and most of the time there is that slim chance you might not be able to know who they are or from what anime/manga/ecchi or hentai did they come from, but nonetheless this lovely gashapon is really cute and so I never hesitated to buy it on the spot and add her to my growing collection of anime (and hentai) gashapons. Until next time guys, stay safe always!

(*Click on the images for larger view and more photos inside)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Slightly off-topic: Gravure model Miu Nakamura bares it all!...

A young Miu Nakamura during her Gravure days
Okay guys, I'm just going to veer away for a moment from hentai or ecchi gashapon features on today's post since I had to share and discuss this to all of you out there and this is regarding one of my favorite Gravure Idols, and she's no other than Miu Nakamura.. I don't know guys if I've been living under a rock and I'm, unfortunately, the last person on this planet to know about Miu's "coming of age" stint where that once innocent and pretty Japanese idol who posed in sexy swimsuits and lingerie has finally decided to shed off her clothing and pose nude for a photo magazine and a docu-type DVD feature entitled 'a will.' According to what I've learned, the magazine was officially released last November 14, 2011 (I'm not sure if the DVD was also released simultaneously along with the magazine) and by golly when I got to see Miu's naked photos circulating over the internet... I was blown away completely and never in my wildest dreams did I expect to see this day unfold where I would be able to see this lovely Gravure Idol teasing guys with a bunch of these hot photos in her naughty and suggestive poses... sans the swimsuits and lingerie!

Taken from one of Miu's earlier Gravure publications
Though I got to admit that I'm not that "fanatical" in some sense like I knew Miu Nakamura from A to Z, but my personal admiration for her began when I discovered several sexy swimsuit photos of Miu during her heyday as a Gravure Idol. The way she posed with those swimsuits and lingerie on her made me instantly fall for this charmer! And yes I gotta 'fess up right now that I have this fetish for lovely Asian armpits and pinkish feet and there are several photos of Miu that has those attributes and it just made my day!.. Anyways, I knew at that time that she never even dared to pose fully naked and Miu would go as far as baring some skin while she covered her private parts with her hands. And to some degree, I even learned that she decided to abruptly end her Idol career and concentrate further on her singing and acting shindig, though before she decided to hang her Gravure badge, she even made a final 3-part DVD aptly titled 'Miu Final' where you can get to see her "let it all out" for the last time with more intense and provocative poses which includes this very sexy pose of Miu draped in white linen showing her bare back and that hot, flawless butt crack (which can be found on the Miu Final 2 cover)... and all this time I thought that is as far as she can go in baring her all! I was totally mistaken!

(*Read more after the jump and more photos inside)